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Compréhension et vocabulaire autour d'un article
Le principe de "News and Questions" est de répondre à des questions de vocabulaire ou de compréhension relatives à un article. Chaque semaine deux articles de niveaux de difficulté différents vous seront proposés. A vous de choisir l'article qui vous convient....dans sa version écrite ou audio.


Premier niveau de difficulté

Addicted to smartphones
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Indians are the most addicted to smartphones globally, according to a new survey.
Nearly 57 percent cannot live without them. And one in three would rather not watch television for a week than be without More...
The benefits of doing nothing
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Do you feel lazy when you’re not doing anything? Well, stop! There are benefits of doing nothing!
Our society encourages us to be busy all the time. We equate busyness with productivity. But that’s not More...

Second niveau de difficulté

Skill shortage in the UK
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From doctors to teachers to IT programmers, the UK is experiencing a skills shortage.
The economy is starting to recover, however business leaders believe that the skills shortage could pose a serious problem for the country’s productivity. It could hamper the More...
The dangers of payday loans
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Britain was shocked recently by the suicide of Courtney Mitchell Lewis, a 21-year-old student. His family believe that he took an overdose as a cry for help because he was unable to pay back a payday loan that had increased from More...
Have students become less wild?
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Have students become less wild?
Students have a reputation for having fun and being a little wild. When else in your life can you go out so many times a week, sometimes in silly fancy dress costumes, or wake up at 11 More...
Stranger shaming
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When British journalist Sophie Wilkinson was eating a salad on a Tube train in London, she noticed a man get out of his seat. He sat opposite her and took her photo. “I moved away and didn’t think too much more More...
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