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Compréhension et vocabulaire autour d'un article
Le principe de "News and Questions" est de répondre à des questions de vocabulaire ou de compréhension relatives à un article. Chaque semaine deux articles de niveaux de difficulté différents vous seront proposés. A vous de choisir l'article qui vous convient....dans sa version écrite ou audio.


Premier niveau de difficulté

Kill Bee
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While we often depend on our mobile phones, there is some suspicion that the radiation they give off can be harmful to people, and also to a helpful insect to crops – bees. Radiation from More...
Danger of processed meat
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Research in Sweden suggests a link between eating processed meat, such as sausages or bacon, and pancreatic cancer.
The risk of becoming ill with cancer increases by 19 percent for every 50g of processed meat More...
Wales: a holiday destination for foodies
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Do you like food? Are you looking for a holiday destination where you can sample the local specialities? Look no further - you just need to book the next flight to Wales!
It might not be More...

Second niveau de difficulté

Internships abroad
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Doing an internship abroad can do wonders for your self-confidence, skills and CV. Not only do you improve your language ability, but you learn about another country and another way of working. When you come back, you’re more independent person because More...
The hyper-polyglot phenomenon
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Learning one language can be a challenge, so imagine becoming fluent in six or more! Meet the hyper-polyglots...
Online, ‘Benny the Irish polyglot’ claims he can become fluent in any language in just three months. He already speaks several, despite More...
Fighting truancy
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 Lots of pupils play truant at least once – they either pretend to be ill, or spend the day in town or with their friends.
In English, there are many slang terms for playing truant, such as ‘bunking’, ‘skipping’, ‘skiving’, ‘cutting More...
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